The Basement Diaries is a podcast hosted by Wesley Tilford. New pages of the diary will be on the website and all streaming platforms every Tuesday unless otherwise stated. Here’s a note from the host himself -

To my lovely Basement Dwellers,

We get so lost in the day-to-day, that sometimes we forget to check in with ourselves and others. With this podcast I want to specifically make time for that. I sit in my basement unit apartment and have conversations with my friends and people I admire greatly about their lives and what makes them tick. I consider myself to be a dangerously unqualified therapist. The basement is a safe space where we can address problems in life without any judgement. Join me down here every Tuesday and listen into the conversations that will hopefully spark some discussion in your own life. You can listen to the pages of the diary on here or you can listen to them on the links below. Thanks for listening, Basement Dwellers!

With Love,

Wesley Tilford

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